Sunday, March 31, 2013

hello stranger...


Well hello there stranger, it sure has been awhile! (Almost 4 months in cray, craaaay). I promise my reasoning for my absence is legitimate! Long story short, I have relocated back to the bay and took on my dream job(s) back in San Francisco as a Menswear Designer for an amazing company called, Welcome Stranger. WS is a clothing brand and store located in the heart of San Francisco, right smack in the little-known street of Hayes Valley. It's  a co-ed of Azalea SF and Rand + Statler, our other 2 stores. It's been a dream come true and a surprise as I, myself, wasn't expecting to move back so soon to have been offered such an honorable position! On top of WS, I've also been staying busy with my personal styling business. It's so refreshing knowing the demand for a new wardrobe is still active in the bay area, mainly in SF as they do say that men in SF tend to dress better than women. At the same time, I'm relieved and impressed at how many stll do dress well out here considering that SF has never really been highlighted as one of the Fashion Capitals, but it's still around, and I see SF on it's way to making that impact. I've also been active with my fellow FIDM faculty and have been taking part as a regular guest speaker and addition to the industry board as an Alumni! So that justifies my lack of posting, doesn't it? Trust me, during the time of my decision-making to relocating was not an easy process. When it rains, it pours... and I was getting offers from left to right, day and night, back-to-back for an entire week, it was so overwhelming, I lost 5 lbs from staying up all night trying to lay out my pros and cons of not only what would benefit me the most, but where my heart was at. Now we all know how the story ends, but I'm glad to have made the decision I made. As much as I was enjoying living in LA and the new friends I've made, I was so fortunate to have been blessed with my dream jobs at the start of the new year. I never really understood the meaning to truly follow your heart as simple as a task it was until now. It's gained my trust more than ever. LA, you still have a special spot in my heart, and I know i'll be back. It's not over as this is only the beginning... <3

Oh yes, and have a Happy Easter! I'm craving for a See's Chocolate Bunny...
Love, Anne Marie & Fifi

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