Thursday, December 13, 2012

she loves: agjeans

I'm a denim snob, I admit it. Denim and Jackets are the 2 categories I choose to invest in the most. I have my denim guru to thank for rubbing that denim snobbism effect on me when it comes to eying that perfect wash and fit. They're essential to me and my wardrobe... without them, I'm hopeless. Okay, I'm exaggerating now. So! This week, I purchased a pair of AG Skinny Jeans in the Equinox wash and they are by far the most comfortable pair of skinnies I own aside from my Diesel's, made in the most forgiving fabrics ever made! They're made out of a cotton/poly/pu blend, and hits right below my ankle. I have long legs and stand 5'11, so a 31" inseam is my ideal of a perfect length because I like the option of cuffing the hem, or rouching the bottom to add some flair. I've worn them twice already and think I just may have found my jetsetter buddy. AG is also the founder of Diesel, it's no wonder they're both leaders in premium denim -aha! 

Why are Jeans Staple #1? Simple, they go with almost everything. That's why it's imperative to have every style of denim in your closet accessible to you. I.E. Skinnies, boot cut, flared, and the boyfriend fit. As I mentioned in my 'Closet Audit 101' post, a staple piece is one that never goes out of style and known as your "go-to", which is why I can't stress enough of why fit is everything. Knowing that you'll look great in it without disappointment makes it a staple, are you catching any of this yet? Also, remember to handle with care... they're the foundation to your wardrobe! If necessary, buy a 2nd pair in case the other starts to get worn out... it happens. I know from experience. :) 

A couple of my favorite "go-to" for denim are: DieselAG JeansG-Star RAWJ Brand, and of course, Levi's. (Tip: A majority of the brands I listed offer complimentary alterations if you're a regular... but you didn't hear it from me -wink). 

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