Wednesday, November 28, 2012

deck the halls in mango

It's been awhile since i've last created a wish list since lately, I've been getting rid of stuff opposed to adding, less is more! -WITH the exception of my Mango fetish. (Shopping is a part of my job, how can I completely disconnect myself?!) When i'm looking for a new wardrobe with great quality, yet affordable, Mango has always been my go-to. About 60% of my closet has been Mango-ized, haha. With their new Autumn/Fall Collection available, I thought i'd put together my ideal holiday outfit. Chic with a slight edge and still wearable for the holiday festivities! Mango, you never cease to disappoint me. Time to deck the halls in Mango!

1. XL Pockets Coat - $129.99 / Step out of the norm black wool coat and slip into a white coat for the winter!
2. Contrasted Sequins Velvet Dress - $129.99 / I'm usually not into the glitz and sparkles, but this velvet sequin dress can be styled with an edge with some black accents and mixed metals. 
3. Studded Suede Bag - $99.99 / I'm obsessed with suede and chain shoulder bags, easy magnetic button fastening for us girls always on the go!
4. Gold Spikes Earrings - $34.99 / How chic are these? Not your typical gold spikes now are they?
5. Crystal Embellished Braided Bracelet - $39.99 / The perfect black and metal accent to dress up your look, small details go a long way.
6. Suede Platform Ankle Boots - $119.99 / I have a slight suede obsession, is it not obvious? I love the laminated detail at the heel!
7. Metal Plaque Belt - $29.99 / Such a statement piece! A great accessory to cinch the waist with a straight cut dress. Fasten and you're ready to make them heads turn!

Happy Holidays! xo - Anne Marie

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  1. hey Anne Marie! thanks so much for stopping by, it was awesome to see your pretty face pop up in the comments :) gosh what a great chance to get caught up on all your amazing goings on too. seems like you've had some real quality nights out on the town and looked pretty damn hawt the whole time!!

    love the decked out"fit" look, anything sparkly makes my heart pitter-pattery with swoons. um and those ankle boots are epic, i could see you wearing this and rockin' the look completely. cheers to an almost weekend! ♥