Wednesday, November 28, 2012

... coming soon!

Finally! I've been meaning to get my website up and running while waiting for some good deals to come by during the Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales to purchase all the great and amazing components that transform into a what most call... a website! And voila! My website is dedicated to my wardrobe styling side business. YES. Although my current day job is an apparel designer, I also developed a passion for wardrobe styling and after a couple months of training with Celebrity Stylist, Luke Storey and Fashion Expert, Lauren Messiah, I felt it was time to get the rest of my career a head start. So ladies and gentleman, if you're looking for a new look, new wardrobe for the new year, email me at or submit your email address to my website and i'll be on my way! With that said, check out my website while its under maintenance... I promise it's pretty chic. 

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