Tuesday, May 22, 2012

she recommends: @annemariestyle

One eventful month.. so little time. After this week, I'll be back for more updates and posts! Officially relocating from Costa Mesa to Newport Beach this weekend! Really looking forward to my new home. In the meantime, follow me on my instagram to keep up with my daily routine! Username: @annemariestyle -til then troops! 

Friday, May 11, 2012

happy mother's day

I'm so excited! Flying to the Bay first thing in the morning to spend Mother's Day with my family this weekend! I can't wait! I love how I get to see them at least once a month, I wish it were more, but thankful for the times we do get to see each other. Sunday, we're going to surprise my Grandmother after church since the following day is her birthday, and we'll be celebrating both Mother's Day and her birthday like every year at my aunt's house! She has no idea I'll be there. ;) For this Mother's Day, I got my mom a matching watch like mine with an "a" initial in black/gold. She was admiring mine the last time they came to visit, and I thought that would be perfect along with a check so she can go enjoy and spoil herself! I'm normally providing all her accessory needs, I just had to! 

My mom is more than just my mother, she's my best friend for life, my role model, my inspiration, SHE'S MY EVERYTHING. I'm extremely close to my mom, so you can imagine how hard it was for us to let go of each other when I had to move to SoCal. We used to share clothes, shoes, jewelry, just about anything and everything! (My mom's has great taste! I got it from my mama.. haha). I used to go home every weekend when I lived 45 mins. away from them just to spend time with her and go on our weekly shopping mani/pedi trips. She sacrificed her whole life to stay at home to take care my sisters and I and I can't thank God enough for blessing me with such a caring and loving Mother. Not everyone grew up with a mom, that took them to school, fixed their hair, taught them how to do their make up, prepare my breakfast every morning before school, and every time I think about how much my mom gave up for having kids so young, I find it so unbelievable! She's seriously Super Mom if you ask me... I can't imagine life without her. Geebus how my energy is so high right now from excitement! I wish you all a Happy Mother's day to all the beautiful mother's out there! We appreciate you everyday, not just on Mother's Day! <3

Monday, May 7, 2012

week at a glance...


I apologize for my lack in posting these past few days, it's been quite a rush these past few weeks! With my Grandmother healed was a miracle, to my next relocation to Newport Beach in a couple weeks (yes, already!), to design reviews at work, and the never-endings that life has to offer. :) Whether good or bad, I thank God for all His wonderful blessings as each day goes by. With that said, 'Live Colorfully' because Kate Spade said so! 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

local obsession: umami burger


One word.. UMAMI. Umami Burger baby! Finally, i've been wanting to try their burgers since I moved out here, and they just so happened to open an Umami not too long after I relocated. This place is always packed, and I'm talking 45 min wait, lines out the doors, loud atmosphere. Considering the venue is smaller than the other locations, but I did appreciate the text they send you once your table is ready so you can shop around The Camp to kill time. The service was great, the waitress gave us her recommendations and the low down on their "secret menu". For appetizer, we had their cheesy tots which are gigantic tater tots infused with cheese -delish! And their truffle fries, similar to Yard House's truffle fries if you're a regular there like me, haha. We split the Manly Burger and the Umami Burger to get the best of both worlds, and yes we sure did! The Manly Burger consists of beer-cheddar cheese, smoked salt onions strings, and bacon lardons. The Umami Burger was my personal favorite out of the two, shiitake mushrooms, caramelized onions, roasted tomato, parmesan crisp, and umami ketchup! I'm normally not the burger type.. but when it comes to Umami, i'll give in. If you live less than 5 mins away from The Camp, I guarantee you'll be walking home with a food coma from deliciousness!