Tuesday, April 10, 2012

week at a glance..


I'm a week overdue with updates from last week/end's trip to Norcal. It felt so good to be back home with the family though it was a quick one. I flew up Saturday morning to find my mom and dad waiting out front of the airport with my puppies barking and trying to run out of my Mother's arms to get to the back seat as soon as I hopped in. Yes, that's my babies up there! Gucci to the left with fur as white as snow and Chanel aka "Coco" to the right, with the cute button nose! Of course, my Mother named them, and their names match their personalities perfectly! They're my heart, my love, my babies! Talking about them just makes me miss them more. (sniffles). After they scooped me up, my mom and I went to get manicures and pedicures, just like the good 'ol days! We arrived home to my dad's home cooked meal and my favorite Filipino cuisine! How I've missed coming home to the smell of my dad's cooking! I do have to say, growing up, my dad has never left us starving! That says a lot. ;) I had more food than I should've had.. I just wanted to make sure I stuffed enough, haha. Sunday morning, my family and I went to church and went to celebrate my mom's birthday at Carlos Santana's restaurant, Maria Maria, in Danville! Great food, great service! It was nice gathering my parents, sisters, and brother-in-law around the table laughing and teasing each other as always. I missed my sissys! Despite all of our differences in the past of sisterly-fighting-kind-of-love, being apart really does make bring us closer. Afterwards, we headed back to church where my dad was taking part of the Courageous Men ceremony. If you've seen the movie, Courageous, you'll what how this goes. ;) I was so proud of him, so proud to be there to witness his commitment and love for God. It brought me to tears to see all the Father's making the same commitment. It was beautiful! I'm extremely blessed and thankful to have a God-loving family and parents that set the perfect example of how we should be living life... serving God. <3