Saturday, March 24, 2012

the stella

I've had my eye on these DV by Dolce Vita's sandals for awhile now online, and finally found them in-store to try on! If you know me well enough, I gravitate towards hints of gold and minimalism. The Stella sandal had just the right amount of gold with approximately 0.5" of a heel (I'm no fan of flats) how could I resist? I decided to get my hands on the black/gold colorway as I figured starting off with the "basics" would do me justice, and if they happen to have all the colors in my size, then i'd gladly accept the opportunity on my behalf. :) 

My friend Lauren, whom I mentioned in my previous post, decided to share the love and add the remaining Florence B. decor and Brad love at my desk! Isn't she sweet? I loooove me some Brad! <3 I wish you all a great and restful weekend! The clouds are starting to kick in on my end of OC, looks like a mellow weekend for me! 


  1. I've been loving those DV sandals too. Are they comfortable? I'm thinking of getting a pair...or two...

    1. They're actually really comfortable! I'm thinking of getting a second pair in pink! I suggest you grab a pair.. or two. ;) I've received so many compliments already. <3