Monday, March 5, 2012

local obsession: the queen's bakery


It's been 2 months since I moved to OC from the bay and since then, i've encountered really great spots in the area! (With the help of Yelp of course). Every week, I'll be posting local finds and my experience. After all, I did say I'd be taking you guys along with me on my new adventures. With that said, this week's feature is The Queen's Bakery located in Costa Mesa! 2 words to describe this bakery: sweet and adorable! I've been on a hunt for yummy treats to satisfy my sweet tooth and as soon as their name appeared on the search engine, the images sold me in an instant. I first came here with my sister while she was visiting the area, and once again, taking photos of everything. The majestic furniture, lighting, packaging was too cute. The ultimate ambiance for a queen! We tried their the Chocolate Rosewater Cupcake and Orange Raspberry Shooters and both were just perfect! I've been making trips to The Queen Bakery almost every week now, it's that irresistible. I highly recommend stopping by The Queen's Bakery if you're around the area! I guarantee you'll feel like a little girl again.

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