Sunday, March 4, 2012

blogging basics

One of the many benefits of being a FIDM Alumni are the events and workshops provided by the school for life. I was invited to attend a 'Blogging Basics' workshop exclusively held for Alumnis in the Los Angeles Chapter with Journalist and blogger, Victoria Namkung (Huffington Post, LA Times, USA Today, InStyle, and to name a few) as our instructor for the whole 5 hours. Excited enough as I was to meet her and her successes as an inspiration, I was also excited just by being on campus. With FIDM-SF being my "home" and OC as my "second home" walking into any FIDM campus makes me "feel-at-home" regardless. There was definitely something about strolling down the main platform of the school that was like a breath of fresh air. Inspiring enough to cause me to take shots from every angle I turned to... I was beginning to think the lady wiping the glass windows clean was getting annoyed by me and my iPhone snapping window displays on every floor she happened to be at. (Haha, that was not on purpose, I promise). But aside from being mesmerized by all the displays, today's workshop was a hit! I learned so much about the basics of blogging and how beneficial it is to just about anyone passionate about anything and everything. It's a bit mind-boggling sometimes just thinking about how one starts off as blogging for fun until traffic hits, and you're Mr. Big Shot on the web. Victoria laid out a great seminar and gave us a better understanding on what it means to have a blog, and maintain a blog in all the right ways. I walked out with the urge to go home and blog with my new laptop case and notebook they provided. Yes, on top of FIDM life insurance (haha), they almost ALWAYS give you FIDM merchandise. I can't remember when they didn't provide any goodies at all the events I've been to, I'm proud to represent my school, what can I say! I also had the chance to make new friends and network with the fellow alumnis present. A couple of us already made dinner plans for next weekend! Overall, it was worth waking up early on a Saturday morning! I look forward to attending more Alumni events, never a dull moment! 


  1. Was in the workshop with you! I always love looking at the student window displays when I go back.
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    1. Weren't they impressive?! I loved the displays, especially the Marilyn Monroe and the dress flying up effect. Thanks for following doll!