Friday, March 30, 2012

home is where the heart is

Off to the bay for the weekend! Going to visit my parents and family to celebrate my mom's birthday and my dad's big ceremony on Sunday! It's definitely going to be a busy one.. I fly back Monday morning and heading straight to work as soon as I land. Sadly, the forecast says it will be raining, when we had just wrapped up the storm down here. Must pack the rain boots! I wish you all a great weekend and i'll return with more local obsessions from my trips this week. Toodles! 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

local obsession: the camp


It's that time for another 'local obsession!' Yesterday was the perfect day to stay low key. After breakfast with the roomie and our neighbors, I encouraged myself to go head to the gym and take a stroll to The Camp! Located right in Costa Mesa, off Bristol, and across The Lab (both sites owned by the same people). A campsite dedicated to the active, healthy lifestyle filled with "green" retailers such as Patagonia, The Seed, Pürre, and well-known action sport retailer, Active among others. My favorite was Pürre, a cute shop filled with an assortment of candles, body/skin care, clothes, and jewelry! The entire room smelled great all thanks to the eco-friendly fragrances and amazing shea butter lotion they carried! I found some really great pieces from shorts to maxis, and ended up walking out with a coral/tan color blocked strapless maxi dress. They only had my size left, it was clearly meant to be. ;) You can follow their blog on here. The Seed "People's Market" had a collection of handmade and recycled products to reflect the object of the store "products with a purpose". They carried quite a range of products from clothing to children's books/toys, jewelry, handbags, skincare and beauty products, graphic cards, and journals. Not exactly my cup of tea but it was fun to check out. To top it off, I grabbed the most delicious lavender latte i've ever had at Milk and Honey, a unique coffee shop offering organic snacks, tea/coffee/drinks and sandwiches. The little coffee shop captures the coziest yet garden-like ambiance! They have a little patio with couches for you and your friends to sip drinks and carry on convos surrounded by plant pots! It's fairly tight, I fortunately came when no one was around to enjoy my latte in the patio on a Saturday afternoon. You can also follow their blog on here. It was a great weekend to stay low key and enjoy the rather strange weather. I came home to a beautiful view by the performing across right across my complex to call it a night! I hope you all had a restful weekend like I did! 

Saturday, March 24, 2012

the stella

I've had my eye on these DV by Dolce Vita's sandals for awhile now online, and finally found them in-store to try on! If you know me well enough, I gravitate towards hints of gold and minimalism. The Stella sandal had just the right amount of gold with approximately 0.5" of a heel (I'm no fan of flats) how could I resist? I decided to get my hands on the black/gold colorway as I figured starting off with the "basics" would do me justice, and if they happen to have all the colors in my size, then i'd gladly accept the opportunity on my behalf. :) 

My friend Lauren, whom I mentioned in my previous post, decided to share the love and add the remaining Florence B. decor and Brad love at my desk! Isn't she sweet? I loooove me some Brad! <3 I wish you all a great and restful weekend! The clouds are starting to kick in on my end of OC, looks like a mellow weekend for me! 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

have a very kate spade bornday


Today was my good friend, Lauren aka LC's 29th birthday! You may know her from her fashion and design blog, Active For Fashion, check it out if you haven't yet! I decided to decorate her cubicle the night before so when she came in this morning, it'd be a surprise. What better way to spruce up your birthday than to fully go Kate Spade'd out?! It's quite obvious we're HUGE Kate Spade girls, I just had to incorporate her Florence Broadhurst campaign. I created fun prints that read, "We're stoked it's your birthday" and "Tea party for LC's bday!" and everyone's favorite, "You're gorgeous dahling" I pulled off her blog. Florence Broadhurst "wallpaper" with black and white polka dotted streamers, and silver confetti to add a touch of KS to her work space. As I was getting ready this morning, I received a tag on instagram with a big thank you and a snap shot of what she walked into. ;) Mission accomplished! Need some decorating for your cubicle or workspace? I'm your girl! Ha. Happy birthday LC!


Wednesday, March 21, 2012


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Sunday, March 18, 2012

brunch with brad goreski


Saturday's festivities just about summed up my amazing weekend! I was invited to have brunch for Brad Goreski's book signing at Kate Spade in Century City, LA. I was a bit hesitant with the brutal rainy weather, but there was no way I was going to miss out on meeting Brad. I arrived right at 11 thinking I was going to be late with not being able to see much on the slippery wet roads. The entire set-up was utterly cute! Florence Broadhurst floral wallpaper brightened the room in fluorescent coral, handsome gentlemen serving us champagne and delicate snack bites, the room was very well put together. It wasn't as packed as I had imagined, I guess the rain stopped some of the girls from attending which made it a good thing (knowing how claustrophobic I am, ha). Brad was a sweetheart. He greeted me with a warm hug and a smile, you could almost smell his cologne from 5 feet away. Well dressed as always in his americana ensemble and infamous frames, he was just beautiful! Gladly signed my book and briefly talked about our industry and my background in design.. I admire his uplifting spirit, one of the many  reasons why he's as amazing as he is! Aside from meeting Brad, I made a new acquaintance with a vcom major FIDM student, Nicole who kindly took my photos of Brad and I and became my little buddy during the entire event since we both came solo. Thank you Nicole! After brunch, I decided to kill time at Zara while waiting for the rain to calm down and ended up splurging on the many great pastels. I'm obsessing over mint green right now, ugh. 

My good friend from FIDM, Annie, whom I haven't seen since graduation, saw my photos on instagram and immediately we decided to reunite and have lunch at The Grove in West Hollywood. It was like a movie, we ran, jumped, and hugged in an instant from excitement, I love this girl! She was my partner-in-crime during fashion school. We just about had every single class with each other until she transferred to the LA campus. 4 years later, here we are, out with our degrees and working as professionals in the industry. She currently works for Lisa J. Pliner as a shoe designer and of course there's me, men's sportswear designer at Fox. We ate at Morels French Steakhouse and Bistro and had their scrumptious beignets and pasta! Talked for hours and compared how different our industries were from shoes to apparel. Strolled down the Grove since the rain finally gave us a break, stepped into Zara again, no surprise there, and topped it off with some Mexican Hot Chocolate from Nordstrom's cafe, delicious! It's always a treat to reconvene friendships after being separated for so many years. Memory lane is a road I enjoy taking, and my Saturday did just that! Check out Annie's blog, Shoelosophy, you won't be disappointed. 

Monday, March 5, 2012

local obsession: the queen's bakery


It's been 2 months since I moved to OC from the bay and since then, i've encountered really great spots in the area! (With the help of Yelp of course). Every week, I'll be posting local finds and my experience. After all, I did say I'd be taking you guys along with me on my new adventures. With that said, this week's feature is The Queen's Bakery located in Costa Mesa! 2 words to describe this bakery: sweet and adorable! I've been on a hunt for yummy treats to satisfy my sweet tooth and as soon as their name appeared on the search engine, the images sold me in an instant. I first came here with my sister while she was visiting the area, and once again, taking photos of everything. The majestic furniture, lighting, packaging was too cute. The ultimate ambiance for a queen! We tried their the Chocolate Rosewater Cupcake and Orange Raspberry Shooters and both were just perfect! I've been making trips to The Queen Bakery almost every week now, it's that irresistible. I highly recommend stopping by The Queen's Bakery if you're around the area! I guarantee you'll feel like a little girl again.

topshop ny -> la


So excited! Racked LA had just announced Topshop will be coming to LA this winter! It's been said Topshop will be located at The Grove confirmed by WWD. It's about time.. bless Bringham Yen's soul for having the guts to ask when they'd be coming to LA. The SoHo location in NY is amazing, I believe I spent a maximum of 3 hours just circling around last September and walked out with... 2 items. Haha, woops. 

Check out the renderings of Topshop at The Grove below (via Topshop). 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

blogging basics

One of the many benefits of being a FIDM Alumni are the events and workshops provided by the school for life. I was invited to attend a 'Blogging Basics' workshop exclusively held for Alumnis in the Los Angeles Chapter with Journalist and blogger, Victoria Namkung (Huffington Post, LA Times, USA Today, InStyle, and to name a few) as our instructor for the whole 5 hours. Excited enough as I was to meet her and her successes as an inspiration, I was also excited just by being on campus. With FIDM-SF being my "home" and OC as my "second home" walking into any FIDM campus makes me "feel-at-home" regardless. There was definitely something about strolling down the main platform of the school that was like a breath of fresh air. Inspiring enough to cause me to take shots from every angle I turned to... I was beginning to think the lady wiping the glass windows clean was getting annoyed by me and my iPhone snapping window displays on every floor she happened to be at. (Haha, that was not on purpose, I promise). But aside from being mesmerized by all the displays, today's workshop was a hit! I learned so much about the basics of blogging and how beneficial it is to just about anyone passionate about anything and everything. It's a bit mind-boggling sometimes just thinking about how one starts off as blogging for fun until traffic hits, and you're Mr. Big Shot on the web. Victoria laid out a great seminar and gave us a better understanding on what it means to have a blog, and maintain a blog in all the right ways. I walked out with the urge to go home and blog with my new laptop case and notebook they provided. Yes, on top of FIDM life insurance (haha), they almost ALWAYS give you FIDM merchandise. I can't remember when they didn't provide any goodies at all the events I've been to, I'm proud to represent my school, what can I say! I also had the chance to make new friends and network with the fellow alumnis present. A couple of us already made dinner plans for next weekend! Overall, it was worth waking up early on a Saturday morning! I look forward to attending more Alumni events, never a dull moment!