Friday, December 21, 2012

10 looks, 10 pieces, 10 days


I recently updated my status on the She Pristine FB page about packing smart with only 10 pieces of clothing for my trip back home that lead to a request on how to pack "double duty" for those 10 days. As a kid, I remember playing a game on the computer where the objective was to fit all items given into a small briefcase. I can't remember the exact name at the top of my head, but I certainly did have deja vu while figuring this out. For starters, I'm a less is more type... to a certain extent, aaaand I could possibly be do some damage while shopping in San Francisco, duh! In just a moment, I'll guide you on how to pack light by utilizing the same pieces to create different looks in just 3 steps! Now this is MY short version, as I'm sure you can find a ton of results on the search engine on how to 'Pack the Perfect Luggage'. Long story short, the answer to your curious minds is yes, it is possible! I know, because I just did it... and every outfit looks killer. I'm kidding, or not, but check out what items of clothing I packed below and some tips I hope you'll find useful! 

My 10 Items of Clothing: 

- 4 Tops 
- 2 Skirts (in two different lengths)
- 2 Bottoms (Jeans & Trousers)
- 1 Blazer
- 1 Wool Coat

Other items... 

- 2 Pairs of Shoes 
- 2 Headwear Pieces (Beanie & Hat)
- 2 Belts
- Make Up / Hair Products
- Jewelry in a traveling pouch

Step 1: Research the weather to your destination. This might come in handy if you've packed a week worth of sunny 80 degrees weather and arrive to your unexpected drizzling and freezing destination in shorts and flip flops. What a nightmare that would be right? Do your research, quickly navigate to the weather app on your iPhone, and you can now start mapping out your looks! 

Step 2: Pack outfits that are versatile aka "double duty". I could start a whole new post on this, but to make things easier for you, make sure all your clothes can be mixed and matched depending on the situation. This means layering, making sure they work together. Three layers of light clothes can do the same job as a shirt and a heavy jacket (at least in Cali), it also gives you the opportunity to take the top layer off easily when you get indoors. I started off with laying out my first look, my 'Must Have' look. Where in this case, my Christmas outfit! This consisted of a top, a skirt, and a belt... boom, done. After you've completed your 'Must Have' look, move onto those colored skinny jeans you love to wear when shopping or brunching can also work for a nice dinner when paired with a blazer, a dressy blouse, and heels. Those heels you plan on wearing to that fancy dinner can double up for an a night out with the girls or to church on Sunday morning with the family. That leather jacket you love to wear with those coated skinnies when shopping downtown can be used over a casual and dressy top paired with that maxi skirt and diamonds for some Holiday sparkle for a Christmas party. Pack items of clothing, shoes, and accessories that can be worn for multiple occasions to not only keep your bag light, but to save you $$$ on air fare charges for additional luggage, extra space for new purchases/gifts, and just making worth of every piece in your luggage yet still having plenty of options to choose from. 

Step 3: Map out a strategy to maximize your better outfits. Most will spend about an entire day strolling around Union Square or sightseeing the Golden Gate Bridge, and the other half will spend time relaxing in the hotel room. It's always smart to pack a set of clothes for lounging (which shouldn't get dirty too quickly since you're probably sitting around) and looks for going out. If you wear your "going out" looks for 8 hours a day, you can easily get at least two or even a three days wear out of them before you worry they'll start to be a problem for anyone. (I'm talking about that not-so-ladylike-fragrance, mhm). But for the most part, you probably wouldn't do that since you'll be seeing new people while traveling, and no one will have a clue that this is the 3rd time in 10 days you've worn that cardigan. Don't worry, it's our little secret. 

Simple enough right? I did this all under 2 hours! I got distracted with text messages and answering emails, so I rolled into an extra 30 mins. I hope you'll find this useful when packing for your trip back home or wherever you plan on spending your Christmas! Have a wonderful and safe holiday spent with your loved ones in your amazing 10 looks! Happy New Year and God bless!! 

xo, Anne Marie 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

animal style

I recently submitted this look styled by me to win a pair of chic Chloe Sunglasses... what do you think?! I've been eyeing those Rag & Bone ankle boots and Alexander Wang Tote bag for a hot minute now, they're so 'maj'! (In the words of Rachel Zoe). Matter of fact, let's add each and every single piece to my wardrobe while we're at it! Oh Santa... *crosses fingers I win!*

- Maison Martin Margiela Leather T-Shirt
- Haute Hippie Drawstring Zebra Pants 
- Rag & Bone Leather Ankle Boots
- Alexander Wang Prisma Tote 
- Chloe Sunglasses
- TomTom Jewelry Interlock Ring
- Adia Kibur Chiffon Necklace w/ Stones 

xo, Anne Marie 

***UPDATE 1/13: I WON!!! Thanks Lauren for the Chloe Sunnies! They're so chic! Time to put my aviators to rest! 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

she loves: agjeans

I'm a denim snob, I admit it. Denim and Jackets are the 2 categories I choose to invest in the most. I have my denim guru to thank for rubbing that denim snobbism effect on me when it comes to eying that perfect wash and fit. They're essential to me and my wardrobe... without them, I'm hopeless. Okay, I'm exaggerating now. So! This week, I purchased a pair of AG Skinny Jeans in the Equinox wash and they are by far the most comfortable pair of skinnies I own aside from my Diesel's, made in the most forgiving fabrics ever made! They're made out of a cotton/poly/pu blend, and hits right below my ankle. I have long legs and stand 5'11, so a 31" inseam is my ideal of a perfect length because I like the option of cuffing the hem, or rouching the bottom to add some flair. I've worn them twice already and think I just may have found my jetsetter buddy. AG is also the founder of Diesel, it's no wonder they're both leaders in premium denim -aha! 

Why are Jeans Staple #1? Simple, they go with almost everything. That's why it's imperative to have every style of denim in your closet accessible to you. I.E. Skinnies, boot cut, flared, and the boyfriend fit. As I mentioned in my 'Closet Audit 101' post, a staple piece is one that never goes out of style and known as your "go-to", which is why I can't stress enough of why fit is everything. Knowing that you'll look great in it without disappointment makes it a staple, are you catching any of this yet? Also, remember to handle with care... they're the foundation to your wardrobe! If necessary, buy a 2nd pair in case the other starts to get worn out... it happens. I know from experience. :) 

A couple of my favorite "go-to" for denim are: DieselAG JeansG-Star RAWJ Brand, and of course, Levi's. (Tip: A majority of the brands I listed offer complimentary alterations if you're a regular... but you didn't hear it from me -wink). 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

deck the halls in mango pt. 2

It's time to Deck the Halls in Mango Pt. 2! In my first post on 'Deck the Halls in Mango Pt. 1', I went 'Chic with a Slight Edge'. This time, I'm going 'Casual Dressed Up'. The Asymmetric Stripe Sweater + Black Sneaker Wedges had Anne Marie written all over it. Easy, comfortable, and fashion forward... I mean c'mon, why not?!

1. Mohair Striped Sweater - $49.99 / How cool is this mohair wool sweater?! Absolutely love! 
2. Golden Dots Shirt - $59.99 / This sheer black top is perfect for layering under sweaters and blazers or worn alone itself. I'm into layering during any season, and popping the collar out of the sweater adds more interest. 
3. Leather Shorts - $109.99 / This straight-cut leather shorts adds sheen and elevates the overall look. Plus two zip front pockets, just perfect. 
4. Suede Wedge Sneakers - $139.99 / Give the stilettos a break and lace it up with these adorable sneaker wedges! 
5. Crystal Chains Choker - $49.99 / Another great layer piece to lay flat over the sweater and under the collar to add some sparkle and shine! 
6. Crystal Embellished Ring- $49.99 / No need to over accessorize since you have long sleeves and a great neck piece, this maxi ring will make up for the arm candy!
7. Glitter Envelope Clutch - $39.99 / Wear this adorable glitter clutch over the shoulder or hand carry, your wish is it's command. Brownie points for the tassle! 

And there you have it... another dose of Mango for your Holiday wardrobe! Be sure to check out their new collection lookbook online and in-store! I just saved my favorite looks on my desktop. Enjoy! Click the image below to view the collection. 

xo, Anne Marie

Monday, December 3, 2012

it's raining sample sale

Happy Monday everyone! What's better than starting off the week with some sample sale knowledge?! Exactly. Any frugal shoppers in the house? Like to splurge on luxe deals for HALF the price?! Well, I've prepared my top 5 Sample Sale lists I plan on hopping in the upcoming weekend right here in LA! Check out the fliers below for more details. Happy shopping! 

Rag & Bone
(Nov. 29 - Dec. 2 - I actually went to this and scored on some amazing steals!)

Rebecca Minkoff 
(Nov. 30 - Dec. 3, Hurry! Last day is tomorrow!)

(Dec. 7, One of my new favorite brands i've got my eyes on!)

(Dec. 7-8, Grab some Hudson denim!)

(Dec. 7, 8, 14, 21. Please pay attention to the location within each date).

xo, Anne Marie 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

deck the halls in mango

It's been awhile since i've last created a wish list since lately, I've been getting rid of stuff opposed to adding, less is more! -WITH the exception of my Mango fetish. (Shopping is a part of my job, how can I completely disconnect myself?!) When i'm looking for a new wardrobe with great quality, yet affordable, Mango has always been my go-to. About 60% of my closet has been Mango-ized, haha. With their new Autumn/Fall Collection available, I thought i'd put together my ideal holiday outfit. Chic with a slight edge and still wearable for the holiday festivities! Mango, you never cease to disappoint me. Time to deck the halls in Mango!

1. XL Pockets Coat - $129.99 / Step out of the norm black wool coat and slip into a white coat for the winter!
2. Contrasted Sequins Velvet Dress - $129.99 / I'm usually not into the glitz and sparkles, but this velvet sequin dress can be styled with an edge with some black accents and mixed metals. 
3. Studded Suede Bag - $99.99 / I'm obsessed with suede and chain shoulder bags, easy magnetic button fastening for us girls always on the go!
4. Gold Spikes Earrings - $34.99 / How chic are these? Not your typical gold spikes now are they?
5. Crystal Embellished Braided Bracelet - $39.99 / The perfect black and metal accent to dress up your look, small details go a long way.
6. Suede Platform Ankle Boots - $119.99 / I have a slight suede obsession, is it not obvious? I love the laminated detail at the heel!
7. Metal Plaque Belt - $29.99 / Such a statement piece! A great accessory to cinch the waist with a straight cut dress. Fasten and you're ready to make them heads turn!

Happy Holidays! xo - Anne Marie

... coming soon!

Finally! I've been meaning to get my website up and running while waiting for some good deals to come by during the Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales to purchase all the great and amazing components that transform into a what most call... a website! And voila! My website is dedicated to my wardrobe styling side business. YES. Although my current day job is an apparel designer, I also developed a passion for wardrobe styling and after a couple months of training with Celebrity Stylist, Luke Storey and Fashion Expert, Lauren Messiah, I felt it was time to get the rest of my career a head start. So ladies and gentleman, if you're looking for a new look, new wardrobe for the new year, email me at or submit your email address to my website and i'll be on my way! With that said, check out my website while its under maintenance... I promise it's pretty chic. 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

smashing weekend


So excited for this weekend! I've been counting down... for the next 3 days, i'll be here! Smashbox Studios in the heart of Hollywood. Stay tuned for updates! :)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

she loves: colors 201


Instead of posting an ootd, why not post my phone's new savvy outfit?! That's right! Just like the clothes I decide to wear on a daily basis, my phone is the same way. I've had my Arnsdorf SS11 Crystal Pattern case for the longest time, and unfortunately cracked at the side. :( So like any good iPhone Mother would do, I purchased Jen Ramos of Made By Girl's Cocoa & Heart's masterpiece! I'm a huge fan of Jen's artwork and blog, and as soon as I read her post on Cocoa & Hearts iPhone case availability, I just had to! Jen Ramos is an exquisite and talented woman with an eye for interior design, art, food, and style! Her blog is literally at the top of my bookmark list and always worth the read with great recipes, interior imagery, and the great NYC living. Head over to Jen's Made By Girl blog if you're not following her already, and be prepared to get inspired by this amazing woman! To purchase iPhone case, click here for more info! 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

orange october

I can't remember the last time I carved a pumpkin, but I can tell you, it's not as easy as it looks! (As you can tell with my 'L' and sinking 'O'). I'm pretty satisfied with my L-O-V-E. As long as I can read it, I can go on. After all, it is art! Knock yourselves out with creativity! It was my lovely roommate's idea to get into the spirit, so we lit festive candles around the house while carving and enjoying some Pandora. It was the perfect Friday night! I think this is probably as festive as i'll get with halloween, with the exception of yelling out 'ORANGE OCTOBER!' for my SF Giants! Whoo! What a great beginning to the World Series! With that said, have a safe and happy halloween! Let's end this month strong!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

she pristine stylebook

Here's another Stylebook I put together on Style Saint simply inspired by my personal style! Leather, black, gold accents, matte finish, exquisite details... of course I had to name it after my blog, 'She Pristine'. Check out the rest of my StyleFeed here

Sunday, October 21, 2012

lafw x local sociallite


Happy Sunday everyone! Finally had a chance to blog about my first experience at LAFW. But before I ramble, I'd like to give special thanks to A Line Media and Hauler Deals for the invite! I've gotten the chance to get to know both companies and the team very well these last couple of weeks and it's been a blast! Last Tuesday, my wonderful roomie, Erica, and I headed to Vibiana, located in downtown LA, where the fashion show was held at. It was so good to see such familiar faces and walk down the red carpet! Prior to the fashion show was a cocktail party held right outside the cathedral's garden. There were photo booths, cocktails, music, photographers, booths to get your nails and hair done, and a mix of crowd ready to network and dive into tonight's fashion show. I was so glad I didn't come in a peplum dress because peplums seemed to be the trend that night. I wore my black and white maxi dress from Mango and silver chain belt also from Mango! You can never go wrong in black and white, it's just classic. I had the pleasure of meeting local designers and photographers and gorgeous models that were surprisingly taller, if not, also standing 5'11 as me! The show didn't start until 8, and thankfully we were seated 2nd row just right behind the lovely Style Saint, Allison and her fiance! So glad to see her again and had the chance to catch up since the Nokia event last month. Always looking amazing and beautiful! (I really loved your new jacket Allison!) The show was great, the collection was fun, trendy, and affordable for all the hip fashionistas out there. Needless to say, the venue was also amazing. Bright lighting, beautiful tall pillars that still captured the history behind Vibiana (google Vibiana to read more on the history of the Cathedral). Overall, it was a great night and the perfect way to spend an evening right smack in the middle of the week! Style Week LA, I'll see you next year! 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

local obsession: 'lette macarons


So we all know how much of an addict I am when it comes to macarons. (Check out my post Botegga Louie entry, it was like heaven!) Thankfully, 'Lette Macarons finally opened a location in Newport a couple months ago, so if I somehow go missing, you know where to find me. Haha. The space is a lot smaller than the one in Beverly Hills, but it wasn't the size of the venue I was after... I tried Mint and Sweet Wedding Almond for the first time and both were delish! It's hard to stop eating the remaining ones left in the box... I try, but not enough to keep my taste buds craving for more. My favorites have always been Passion Fruit, Rose, and Lavender. What are your favorite macaron flavors? 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

closet audit 101


Ever have one of those mornings where you just can't seem to find anything to wear? Even after starring long and hard, nothing seems to look or fit right? Well i've got the solution for you! Closet audit! I'm sure you've already came across tips and advice from other stylists and bloggers, but as they always say, the more you know, the less you'll need! Follow these steps and I promise you won't have to experience one of those mornings again. It's time to make everything in your closet work for you and your space!


1. Toss out what you don't wear and what doesn't look good on you. (This also means throwing out pieces with the wrong silhouette or proportion to your body). 
- Size is everything. One common mistake women tend to make is buying the wrong size. Yes, I know! How you ask? You could typically be a size 8, but at J.Crew you're a size 4. It's simply due to the manufacture's proportions based on their target customer. This is why knowing your measurements for your body type is important. Don't know them by heart? Grab a measuring tape, or ask your local tailor for assistance if you feel your measuring skills aren't up to par. After you've gotten that taken care of, consult a stylist (like myself, duh) who can define your body type and assist the looks and fit made for your body. 
- Don't keep items in your closet for sentimental reasons, UNLESS you absolutely must save it for a legitimate reason. Otherwise, you'll just end up with a pile of clothes-on-display taking up 50% of your closet space. 

2. Get rid of the clone! We all do it when we naturally gravitate to a specific color, or style with our favorite details. Narrow them down and choose the one that has the best fit, the best quality fabric, in the best condition. There's no need to accumulate a lifetime supply of the same pair of black pants, someone else is probably in need of it but you took the whole inventory, tsk, tsk. 

3. Hang onto the classics. Those essential staples that pair well with almost everything and never goes out of style. Think of them as your blank canvas you can layer on or are dependable as your "go-to" pieces. In example: The little black dress, denim, a classic white shirt, a trench coat, diamonds, a classic heel, and a great bag. Take care of your classics, they're the foundation to your wardrobe. 

4. Be mindful of playing it too safe. A closet filled with basics is limited and no fun. Have fun with your wardrobe and get inspired! You don't want to be a bore.

5. Organization is key. After your amazing editing experience, it's time to hang your keepers! I like to keep my items together by category, then length, and then color. It makes life easier (at least my life) when I'm deciding what to wear in order. From tops -> to bottoms -> to accessories -> shoes. Uniform your hangers by category that best suit the garment according to it's care and needs, and get rid of those wire hangers! Fold jersey knits, long delicate dresses or sweaters as they stretch and will lose their shape. Underpants, socks, tights, can be sectioned in drawer dividers, no need to fold, just roll and put away! Lingerie and foundations should be folded into it's own drawer. You can stick a bar of lavender soap just so they smell good, it likes that extra touch. Handbags should be grouped by size in a separate cupboard. Belts can be hung on a belt hanger so they hang nicely and don't get bent. Shoes and boots can be kept in their original boxes or stacked on a shoe rack. Some like to store their shoes mixed with their clothes, but I prefer them to be separate. Fortunately, I have a closet dedicated to my shoes stacked on it's own rack and in it's original boxes according to size.


1. Don't buy into the trends. This is one of my pet peeves. We can love that fluorescent day glo yellow mini dress going down the runway, but if it doesn't look good on you, why would you force yourself into buying one? Do not be a fashion victim!

2. Don't buy into the sale tags. We all love a good sale, don't we? This is where your 'spend your money wisely' gets put to the test. We get so caught up at the reduced price tag of $200 off, we disregard if it's in our size or not. WRONG! If you're only going to wear it once, or never (I sure hope not), or don't really like it, set-it-down and walk away. It's an expensive deal you'll end up wanting to return anyways. 

Easy, ay? I hope you find my 5 easy steps helpful and informative. It could take up to 2 hours, maybe even more, depending on how much you've got stored! If you have any questions, concerns, or need assistance of helping you make sense of all that clutter by coming to style your wardrobe in the comfort of your home, leave me a message or email me: and I can run you through more details and rates of my Closet Audit package! Now run and start editing! 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


With LA Fashion Week right around the corner, I am happy to announce I will be taking part of Local Social Lite's Runway show next week for LA Fashion Week! This will be my first LA Fashion Week event after several seasons of fashion malaise in LA and society's recession, shows are now back up and the show must go on! I can't wait to join this celebration with many, many other fashion gurus! I'll be taking a mass amount of photos so you won't miss a thing! See you dolls there! <3

hoot, hoot


"But in the end, joy is not in things; it is in us. Live a life you're proud of... I hope you do." ♥ - Anne Marie

On Sunday, I had the honors of shooting with noted celebrity photographer, Hootan, based in LA. If you're not too familiar with his work, Robin Thicke, Marilyn Manson, & Alessandra Ambrosio (to name a few) can tell you just how great he is on and off set. He had an amazing book of his work stacked in his studio, I nearly drooled over each piece. But I didn't, since they were original hard copies, haha. We first ran through a test shoot after a meet-and-greet, then got down to business and shot outside his balcony overlooking the tall and skinny palm trees that covered Beverly Hills. He kept calling me a 'Japanimation' for my big and bulging eyes and lips, what a sense of humor, that man... we're going to review the rest of the photos this weekend to edit and transfer onto canvas for his upcoming art show! What a trip would that be to see my face enlarged, yikes! Can't wait to show you the rest of the final images. Til then... embrace life and live it to the fullest, I mean it. 

Saturday, October 6, 2012

... week at a glance


Last week, I was invited to head over to the HD Showroom at their headquarters in West Hollywood. The minute I walked in, my eyes were wide open the moment I laid eyes at their showroom... how I wish I could turn my room into an entire closet (someday)! I was greeted by the lovely interns and met with the branding manager for a huge opportunity that will soon be disclosed! Stay tuned... Afterwards, I walked down on Melrose like Bobby V. sang, haha. I have no idea why I never stepped foot at Joyrich, I was quite disappointed from the selection considering all the hype. I did enjoy the Barbie dolls mounted to a large flower vase. Headed to one of my favorite streets, Melrose Pl. I always spend a fair amount of time flipping through the great selection of books at BOOKMARC and end up purchasing non-book related items. It seems to be a habit, I suppose. I finally got the chance to check out the new Dash store on Melrose, it was way too pretty in there. The girls, the store design, the decor, the set-up, I actually found some great pieces. The girls were really friendly and surprisingly had a decent shopping experience. I'll be heading back to LA again tomorrow for some brunch and a girl's day/night out in Hollywood, to a shoot on Sunday in Silver Lake with noted celebrity photographer, Hootan. I swear, I may live in OC, but I spend a majority of my time in LA. I do plan on relocating to LA within the early next year... as much as I love living in Newport Beach, the beach life has been surreal... forever a citygirl at heart!